Jamie is the author of four previous books before his latest publication Around Wales By-Roads and Byways
Jamie's first book was Magic Islands which accompanied the highly successful television series of the same name.

He sailed around the Welsh coast in a 100 year old sailing boat visiting six islands off Wales capturing their history, their wildlife and also the islands wonderful atmosphere.
  After the success of Magic Islands another sailing journey soon beckoned.

Magic Harbours saw Jamie aboard the Mascotte once again but this time a new adventure exploring the harbours of the Welsh coast that played such an important part in the history of the British Isles.
  It came as no surprise when the BBC decided they wanted another series to showcase the beauty of rural Wales.

Welsh Journeys gave Jamie the opportunity to spend yet another summer doing what he loves best - toddling around the Welsh countryside, and for the first time he climbed Snowdon.
  Jamie continued to travel with camera and pen in hand and this time More Welsh Journeys saw Jamie tie up the boat, leave the sea and head inland to explore the Welsh countryside.

The highlight of the trip, which saw him take to both bike and steam train, was a horseback ride over the Preseli Mountains.

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